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Dance Education

Dance is a vehicle for meaningful connection to several aspects of wellbeing.

Dance Education graph, ConnectEd dance studio

Skill Development

Dancers learn dance technique, steps, and the elements of dance through imagery, props, and play enabling children to intrinsically find safe alignment, functional and expressive movement. Healthy habits including warm up, cool down and stretch are essential to the dance session.



Frequent opportunities to showcase their learning in class and on stage are offered, building confidence in the dancers as they perform and grows appreciation, interpretive and reflective skills as they view peers.

Children dance books, ConnectEd Dance studio

Dance Making

Dancers use skill and concept knowledge to create their own dances individually and with peers. Creativity and collaboration is extended to all aspects of the dance making process, creating the sequence or story, right through to costume design. 

Children dancing in the our Hamilton, Waikato dance studio


Opportunities to try a new style, explore a historical work,  or work along side a guest teacher brings an enriching experience to the dancer. 

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