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Our Dance Classes

Providing access for all children to dance education is our mission.

In-school Dance Programming

Date: By Appointment

Place: Your ECE/School

We provide dance education programming for Early Childhood Centres, Primary and Intermediate schools throughout Hamilton and Waikato. We operate under a guiding programme developed by the Artistic Directors research and experience, that supports the current Te Whariki (ECE) and New Zealand Arts (Primary) curricula. This is then tailored to the individual needs and interests of the dancers and teachers to meet your current classroom objectives. This tailored approach will help you discover tools to further connect dance to your everyday routine and how to utilize dance to support other areas of learning.

Community Studio Classes

Day: Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri

Time: Mon AM
Place: Melville Hall
84 Ohaupo Road

Classes for dancers aged 1-13 years.


When your child joins their dance class they are joining a dance company with peers that will become close friends as they learn skills, choreograph, and perform together. Currently offered are preschool, creative combo (ballet, jazz, contemporary/creative), and ballet, jazz, contemporary specific company classes. All programmes are informed by current research and best practice, taught within a fun, creative, and dance element/concept based framework. This provides dancers with an enjoyable experience that sparks a love of dance, builds a solid and well rounded technical base that can be applied to other genres, further dance training, sports...a healthy life. Dancers have opportunities to perform twice a year, with additional workshops to enrich the dance experience. Classes at Melville Community Hall.

More information below, see schedule. *Need based scholarshops may be availiable to enable any child to dance as funding permits. If this would benefit you please get in touch.*


Check out our dance classes and schedule below

Dance Class Options 2024

Preschool children dancing in our ConnectEd Dance studio
Toddler/Preschool Dance

Age: 1-2 and adult,

3-4  dancing independently

A colourful, imaginative journey through movement and music for our smallest dancers as they discover a variety of dance styles, rhythm, rhyme, and storytelling. Beautiful props encourage confidence and clarity of movement in growing technique and artistry. Our Toddler, PS, and Junior classes are supported by the internationally acclaimed Intellidance Method curriculum and provide a lovely progression from parented classes to independent dancing and structured learning. (35-45 minutes)

 Mondays at Melville Hall

30-45 minutes duration

Screenshot 2022-09-30 8.32.54 PM.png
Junior/Plus/Int./Senior Dance Combo

Age: 4-6, 6-8, 7-10  & 8-12 years

Dancers will experience instruction in dance technique that develops fitness, strength, coordination, and body control. We teach a combination of ballet, jazz, and contemporary movement with a creative approach where dancers use skills to compose innovative choreography and perform with expression and purpose. Additional styles, including folk dance, hip hop, rhythmic footwork, and social dance styles are occasionally highlighted throughout the year and explored to connect dancers to a full dance experience. Children are encouraged to contribute their unique interests and ideas to their company where they will find opportunity for connection and growth. (1 hour)

Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays at Melville Hall

45-60 minutes duration

Senior specialized:
Ballet, Jazz, 

Age: 7-12 years (levelled)

Dancers may like to specialize if they have a strong preference for one movement style. Ages are a recommendation that may be negotiated in some cases. 


Ballet (age 7+) specific classes for dancers who are particularly keen to learn and progress through ballet levels. Dancers will learn ballet skills through a creative conceptual lens with focus on performance opportunities and storytelling through ballet. (Preschool and Junior dance classes include preparatory ballet work for younger ages.)

Jazz (around 7+) specific classes for dancers who love high energy, sharp, dynamic movement. Loads of locomotor steps and fun choreography to master! 

Contemporary (around 10+) specific classes for dancers who gravitiate towards dance making, emotion, expression and communicating ideas. 

Tuesday, Wednesdays & Fridays at Melville Hall

60 minutes duration

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