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Family Dance Connections!

We've recently started up a long awaited toddler and parent class and I have loved seeing the adorable child/caregiver dynamic! Dance has belonged to families for centuries, and still does in many cultures. Here are some of my favourite ways to enjoy dance with your family (no matter how big or small your unit).

Impromptu dance party

All you need is your favourite music, some space, and some people you love for a dance party. Throw on the music and let loose. Bust out those old school moves and you are sure to get the best reaction from your kids! To upgrade this experience consider getting a pack of glow sticks/bracelets/necklaces and turn off the lights for a night glow dance. So fun!!!

Explore your own cultural dance

This one is so important for self identity. If you don't already know the traditional dances of your ancestors/culture then all you need to do is google "traditional dances of (insert country)" and you should find information gallore, including videos! Enjoy watching and learning together and give some social dances a go! Traditional world dances are often perfect for intergenerational participation with opportunities to dance as a group, holding dance in partners, circles or lines, create music, sing and share stories together.

Social dancing with kids

Social dances such as simple folk dances (example...square and line dances, ceilidh dances), rocknroll, swing, and even a basic waltz are fantastic for parent and child connection. The dances above I mention because they are done in groups, dance position or holding hands (hello bonding), are simple enough in their basic forms for children to learn, and challenging enough for the partnership enjoy mastering together. These dancers are high energy and are sure to bring out your expressive side!

Bring dance class home

For those with a child in a dance class, ask them to teach you something from class. Take an interest in what your child is learning and see how this motivates them to practice at home because they want to teach you their sweet moves. They will love seeing you attempt their skills and choreography. Upgrade this experience by creating your own choreography together and/or putting on your own dance show at home together. Just make sure you document this!!!


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