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Spatial Awarness Play: Hula Hoops

The second dance element concept we've been exploring in our classes this past few weeks is SPACE! How we move through space, take up space, interact with the space and objects around us. This is such an important skills for all dancers as we move, often at speed through space with others, with props, in formations... and we need to do all of this safely. But, beyond dance, its a vital skill for everyday life.

Here are a couple of my favourite games for praticing spatial awareness for early years using Hula Hoops. Hoops are a great tool and children LOVE to play with them. This is probably the prop that gets the most enthusiasm when brought out during dance class.

I would say these activities would be beneficial and enjoyed by ages 3-6 as a part of your centre or home's music and dance time. These activities develop awareness of the body in relation to objects and others, levels, momentum control, and depth perception.

Enjoy! And don't forget to let your little explorers play their way with the hoops after their hard work is done! :) Miss Lia


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